We are siblings who both love to research more in the technology. In this site, we focus on helping web developers of all stripes and skill level craft the best HTML and CSS possible. The whole effect of information available to today’s developer can be astounding. That is why our site provides coders with complete, easy-to-use remark filled with tips. As well as, tricks and method. Our company exerts to be better than the common developer record offerings. In like manner, we show you how to use something, we provide information on when and why something should use. Our site does not just assume that you already know everything about HTML.


With the changes arouse by HTML5 do not catch by it. You can do anything the best way you know, thus, find out what is now outdated. As well as, what has deprecated in certain browsers. We offer tutorial from basic to complicated task about HTML blog code example. Also, how to add a blog in HTML. As well as, simple blog template HTML that will all help to every individual. We have a lot of topics that we want to share with all of our readers about HTML. We please to serve all individual not to be ignorant in our latest technology.


Our team is made up of web developers and technical writers. Though we are friends we all come from different backgrounds. However, what we have in common is extensive expertise with all things computers, technology, and the internet. Moreover, our viewers who send us a question we try to answer it by the deep research and application we do before we get back to our viewers and deliver our answer. We are not just teaching them but most of all we teach ourselves with more knowledge about technology.